How many Syrian refugees in Turkey 2018

How many Syrian refugees in Turkey 2018
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How many Syrian refugees in Turkey 2018

According to the information gathered from and the ministry of Interior General Directorate of Migration Management, on the 10 october 2018, the number of Syrian refugees recorded by biometric data have increased to 33.435 people as compared with the previous month that reached 3.585.738 people.

The number of male Syrian refugees in Turkey have increased to 19,884 people in the previous month. Based on this, the number of Syrians living in Turkey reached 1.945.951 men.


( How many Syrian refugees in Turkey 2018 )

The age distribution of the data obtained is as follows;

47.2% of Syrians living in Turkey aged 18 years old or younger.

According to the data of registered Syrians living in Turkey, half of the immigrants population is composed of individuals in the 0-18 age group. At the same time, the number of children aged between 5 to 18 years in this school period is more than one million. (1.034.173). We can say that these children need school education. The number of people at university level is 542.970

On the 10 October 2018, the number of Syrians living in temporary accommodation centers is 177.376

On the 10 October 2018, as conducted by the Ministry of Interior Migration Management, it was found that 177 thousand 376 people is the number of Syrian migrants in temporary camps. This later shows that the number is reduced into 50 thousand 875 people when it is compared to the previous period (December2017).

Concerning the number of Syrian migrants living in cities and in comparison with the previous period, wa can see an increase of 212 thousand 376 people which reached 3 million 408 thousand 362 people. In 2018, 158 thousand 952 Syrians were registered by the immigration administration.

Most of the Syrian population living in cities are residing in Istanbul and Sanliurfa.

According to the data of the Immigration Administration dated on 10 October 2018, there are 10 cities where Syrian migrants often reside. According to the table below, 560,760 people live in Istanbul and 469,012 in Şanlıurfa. it is stated that these figures constitute 3,73% of the Istanbul population and 23,62% of the Şanlıurfa population. In the shared information on the cities where Syrian migrants live, Şanlıurfa is followed by Hatay with 438,649 people and Gaziantep with 404 979 people.

The city with the least number of Syrians is Bayburt. Bayburt is followed by Artvin with 43 people and Tunceli with 50 people.The cities with the least percentage of Syrians compared to the Turkish population are Artvin and Giresun with a rate of 0.03%. There are no cities where there are no Syrians in Turkey.

İstanbul560 bin 760%3,73
Şanlıurfa469 bin 12%23,62
Hatay438 bin 649%27,85
Gaziantep404 bin 979%20,19
Adana226 bin 994%10,24
Mersin206 bin 966%11,54
Bursa157 bin 965%5,38
İzmir139 bin 618%3,26
Kilis125 bin 731%92,23
Konya100 bin 971%4,63

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